U of M School of Architecture Graduate Course Connection

U of M School of Architecture Graduate Course Connection

Stereotomic Structures

4. Benjamin Ibarra/Enrique Lastra or Rene Caro: Stereotomic Structures (1cr)
This Catalyst Studio will explore the stereotomic properties, rules and reactions of self-supporting structures composed by articulated solid elements. Explorations will originate in the realm of descriptive geometry understanding the orthographic projections and the different quadrants as a way of thinking; understanding that the piece of paper is a medium to understand the corporeal features and relationships of the objects in the space rather than a simple surface to represent flat components. The aim of this Catalyst is to create a vehicle to translate drawing into a spatial map that depicts objects in the space gathered by streotomic rules revealing the forces of gravity. Rene Caro (possible collaborator) Rene Graduated in 1997 from UNAM (National University of Mexico) with honors in Architecture and holds a Master degree in “Architecture Criticism and Design” from the Architecture School of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Barcelona, Spain. 1999- 2000. He received the Diploma for Student Project of the Year given by ASINEA (National Association of Architecture Teaching Institutions). He is co-editor of “Piso, ciudad al ras”, architecture and urban culture magazine and a Design Studio Professor at School of Architecture in UNAM. Rene was Chair of the Architecture School at ITESM (Technical Institute of Monterrey) at Guadalajara Campus from 2001 to 2005. Since 2005 he is founder member of Estudio de Arquitectura RCCRB which designs urban, architectonic and landscape projects. The studio is currently developing different projects for the Special Projects Coordination directed by Felipe Leal (former dean of School of Architecture at UNAM) in National University Central Campus. Recently he is working on the plaza del bicentenario project as a result of a successful proposal in an international competition.

Enrique Lastra (possible collaborator)
Enrique is an architect with a long architectural trajectory. He is a graduate of UNAM (National University of Mexico) and has been professor of the same institution for almost 30 years. In his productive professional career he has been involved with several institutions and organizations, he is co-founder of CENVI (Center for housing studies) in Mexico city, Director of the National Railway Museum of Mexico and Architect in chief of the Santo Domingo restoration project in Oaxaca, Mexico where he has lived and practiced since 1992. Author of several articles his major publication is the book of the restoration of Santo Domingo in Oaxaca. He has been lecturer and guest instructor in different universities of Mexico, U.S. and Latin America, he has participated in the Montevideo International Workshop organized by the University of Uruguay and recently he was invited by Rogelio Salmona to participate in an international design convention in Bogota Colombia. He is currently principal of Lastra Arquitectos and Director of the Escuela Taller de Oaxaca.


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